Press release: Digital launches the first Publishing Strategy Academy partnership with Netimperative


Following Netimperative’s digital publishing events, and our launch of the Digital Publishing Strategy Academy in South Africa, Digital’s team are delighted to announce that we’re teaming up with Netimperative to run a series of Digital Publishing Strategy Academy courses in the New Year. These events include one day deep dives on the commercial models for online publishing, and the content models for producing sustainable content to media websites. With rapid development continuing to be the norm, publishers need to be able to read the landscape and work as a team to set the right direction. This Academy series has been designed by Digital’s director Danny Meadows-Klue, who said that: “magazines, newspapers and internet entertainment brands are at a crossroads again. With social media now in the mainstream, the nature of a content and media site needs to evolve and many are failing to make the challenge. These advanced management coaching workshops are designed to help publishers leap forwards in their understanding, getting new strategies in place, and new levels of audience attending.” This Digital Publishing Strategy Academy examines the next wave of Web 2.0 techniques, including social media and online communities, letting publishers prepare for the next paradigm in media.

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