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Supporting marketing directors, media owners and agencies gain a competitive edge since 2000. Our research team publish daily, weekly and monthly research briefings on a range of digital topics as well as best-practice internet marketing guides.

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Digital Intelligence - daily

Digital Intelligence

Digital Intelligence

Your daily summary of the best in research and statistics – tracking the growth of the digital industries since 2000.


Digital Intelligence - Special reports

The place to get up to speed on key digital issues and opportunities. Our special reports give you an overview of what matters, and monthly email alerts keep you up to date with the key developments.

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The Digital Jargon Buster has been created to solve the ever-growing problem of jargon in the digital domain.

We're on a mission to cut through the jargon. Digital media and marketing has spawned a new breed of jargon; the crashing together of the worlds of media, marketing, IT and telecoms has left us drowning in language most don't understand and even those that do still readily confuse. Our web monkeys have been searching high and low for some clear language that explains what it all really means. »


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Digital Book Club - reviews

Digital Book Club

Digital Book Club

Our simple digests of some of the texts we’ve enjoyed reading. Look out for copies if you’re joining one of our digital marketing coaching days.


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Have a look at our store for recommended books: Digital Book Club Online Store.


Weekly articles

Digital Articles

Digital Articles

Perspectives and commentary from the rise of social media to the art of viral marketing, from tracking the industry’s skills gap to our predictions for next year.


Fortnightly Insight Reports

Digital Insight Reports

Digital Insight Reports

Explore key issues and help your firm navigate change – many of our white papers can now be accessed online.


Digital Thought Leader interviews

We created the Digital Thought Leaders interviews to bring you closer to people and brands shaping the digital networked economy. They are based on private interviews (and occasionally lectures we've participated in), and are published monthly.

We also publish similar insight papers to accompany our own talks, strategy workshops and training events. The aim is to unlock the potential of your team through sharing leading edge insights from people shaping the digital networked economy.

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In times of huge economic and technical change, knowledge becomes a critical success factor. We created these Podcasts to bring you insights from a particular part of this fast changing industry.

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Example downloads

You can download summary notes of a few of our talks from this page. More than 40,000 people have attended training and talks by Danny Meadows-Klue in over 20 countries, and he continues to deliver dozens of keynote speeches every year. Alongside the handouts and training packs for participants, a few of the summary notes are now made available for you on the web.

If you are a Client or Academy Graduate you can access extensive materials in your Digital Classroom or Digital Workspace (email our team for your access codes and URL if you need them).

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