Digital Roadmaps: Building the digital plan for a market, brand or category

Together we build the plan for how to execute your digital strategy. This can work on its own as a stand-alone digital marketing strategy or more effectively as part of you integrated business planning process.

The Digital Roadmaps ensure that your digital marketing has the biggest possible impact generating positive ROI for your brand, category or national operating company. Beyond simple ROI the Digital Roadmaps also ensures your organisation tests and understands how digital media and technologies can transform your business.

Overview of Digital Roadmap and how to build the plan for a market, brand or category

World-class experts join your team to develop the right approach and coach your managers on how to make it happen. As digital planning gets more complex requiring expertise in publishing, CRM, campaign planning and other forms of digital media we help you navigate the maze of opportunities. We work with you, the rest of your team, your agencies and other key suppliers to bring together the best possible roadmap for your brand, category or organisation. We overlay our experience to ensure that what gets put forward is genuinely the best for you rather than just the best for your agencies and suppliers.

Running a marketing focussed organisation has become incredibly challenging, and without a clear Digital Roadmap, your teams will lack the support, framework and resources they need to succeed. In creating your Digital Roadmap, we'll answer these questions:

  • What digital activity should take place to achieve our objectives over the next 12-18 months?
  • How should we structure this activity to make best use of limited resources?
  • How do I maximise reach whist also driving engagement and the depth of consumer relationships?
  • How do I get my websites, social, mobile, CRM and advertising channels all working together as a cohesive ecosystem?
  • How do I balance always-on and campaign support activity?
  • How do we resource activity efficiently making best use of agencies, partners and internal resource?

World-class digital marketing strategists and change management specialists work with your team to create a digital roadmap that will transform the way they work and ensure your brands and marketing are backed by a winning formula for success.

Whether the team's focus is campaigns or always-on marketing, technically advanced markets or D&E markets, a mobile consumer or a laptop consumer, business to business or consumer marketing, there are versions of this training programme designed for your team's needs.

Using our change management and strategy frameworks we create the approach that's right for your business so for an overview of the approach, ask our digital strategy directors

Who should attend?

All marketers in the relevant brand or national operating company and leadership team members connected to marketing roles.
Teams that support marketers such as consumer insight specialists, media specialists, technology partners, finance partners.
Your key agency partners (media and creative) and key digital suppliers.

Success outcomes for your team

  • Clear month by month activity plan agreed and signed off by all key stakeholders
  • Alignment by all stakeholders on objectives and approach for the next 12-18 months
  • Scorecard of metrics for each activity to understand what should be being measured and optimised
  • Identifying the right organisational strategy and resource prioritisation
  • De-risking digital innovation and investment
  • A further shift in digital marketing effectiveness
  • Deeper confidence in how to apply digital marketing
  • Leadership-level skills development in the management of digital marketing and the creation of digital strategies
  • Transformed approaches for agency management that embed accountability


This approach is designed around the needs of your team, so talk with our digital strategists to identify the options.

Complete project management

Our digital strategy directors manage the whole programme, from arranging calls and live meetings, managing travel and venues, to the alignment of agencies and the briefing of stakeholders before workshops. The final delivery of the project includes Live Meetings with your senior stakeholders and cascades your leaders can give to their teams.

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