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Digital's Suppliers' Charter

As a small business we believe in a clear and fair relationship with our suppliers. We'll strive to maintain excellent standards in our commercial relationship, and for new suppliers and associate companies the charter maps our what you can expect from us. We look forward to working with you as a new supplier.

1. Honouring our purchase orders
We will honour all contracts provided they have a completed purchase order, or a clear contractual agreement through email correspondence

2. Paying your invoices promptly
We will pay every correct invoice received by Digital's 'Finance' team within 30 days. Our payroll is normally completed a few days before the end of the calendar month and our accounts payable cheques are normally made out in the first week of the month following.

3. Additions to your contracts
Even if you have a contract with Digital, you must still get a Purchase Order or Contractual Email from us before you start work on any additional projects.

4. Giving you clear communication
We'll ensure that you have just a single commissioning manager to handle the relationship between our two groups. If they are away or unavailable, then we have a clear escalation process among the team. If you are new to your company and need to know who your commissioning manager is at Digital, then email with your details.

5. We'll teach you about what we do
So you can better understand our business, as a supplier we'll invite you to apply for positions on our client news services that will keep you up to date with our visions of the digital networked society.

6.We'll listen to your views
We're only a small team at Digital, and as one of our partners you'll know a great deal about a specific aspect of our work. We are keen to hear your views, and keen to act on your ideas. Share with us what you think, and if your suggestions improve the productivity or efficiency of our business, then we'll aim to recognise this in a way we feel appropriate.

If you are a small business and occasionally need payment more quickly, we'll try and support you by flexing our processes to accommodate your needs.

Would you like to become our next supplier?

Thanks for your interest in Digital, and what we do.

We have a small number of suppliers, and we look to keep them for a long time. Normally we will only have one or two in any given business area. Details of the areas we currently need support in are spelt out in our 'We're hiring!' document.

To apply for supplier or preferred partner status, send us details of what you do and why your services are relevant to a boutique consultancy and training business like ours. Include some client references we can talk with and an overview of how you work with other clients on a day-to-day basis.

Remember that as champions of the Digital Networked Economy, we're less concerned about where you're physically located, and more concerned about your ability to deliver. And we'll be looking to do most of the operational work together online - from developing a brief or order, through to payment processing.

Send applications for supplier or preferred partner status, to

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) by our suppliers

If you can't find the answer to your question, then email your commissioning manager

Contracts: is email enough?
We accept email communications as contractual tools, providing there is clear intent. If you are an existing supplier, then only your commissioning manager or our CEO are authorised to make purchase orders or contractual requests.

Location: When and where do we deliver?
For current addresses (including address details for locations of venues we regularly use) see the 'contact' page of the website. As a small business we do not have 24hr reception, so if you are sending things to us then please pay particular attention to the details about office times.

Materials: How do I access Digital's research materials?
As a supplier, you're part of our family. Send to your commissioning manager the name, title and email address of the people in your team who you would like to receive some of our news and research materials and we will endeavour to add them to our services.

Split invoices: Can I invoice half now and half at the end?
We normally only pay suppliers on receipt of the good or services that have been commissioned. On projects of two months' duration or more, you can request interim payments via your commissioning manager. This mirror's Digital's own invoicing to its clients.

Tax: Which VAT regime to you fall under?
We have been VAT registered since 2001 and all our work is subject to the VAT sales tax of the UK.

Timescale for payment: When do we get paid?
Our payment terms are explained in the 'suppliers' charter'. If you are from a small firm and are in a cashflow squeeze, then let us know and we will try to pay you earlier than what we have contractually agreed to.

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