Integral Ad Science buys contextual ad firm ADmantX

Digital ad verification firm Integral Ad Science (IAS) has bought ADmantX. The transaction brings together the leading provider of contextual intelligence solutions with IAS’s powerful suite of ad verification products, enabling publishers and advertisers to match ads with relevant online content at the page level.

Interest in UK tech jobs plunges as Europe prospers

Interest in UK tech jobs has fallen while the rest of Europe has seen searches surge, while US-based jobseekers are falling out of love with the UK tech scene as they increasingly look for work in mainland Europe, according to new research.

Facebook targets Russia and Iran in further efforts to reduce election manipulation

In a fresh push to boost the integrity of the platform, Facebook has shut down Iranian and Russian accounts running election misinformation networks. The change will affect both Facebook and Instagram, as the social media giant prepares for the lucrative US election campaign. Facebook is also increasing transparency of who advertises and what their messages are by changing how its ad library works. Democracy campaigners hope these changes in the US part of the platform will soon be echoed across Europe.

Brands failing to offer personal touch with lack of data skills

One in four companies said a lack of data skills we preventing for realising these ambitions and 22% of UK business leaders felt their ability to develop personalised customer experiences was being held back by the lack of a good data-centric culture.