Jerry Yang

Digital Thought Leaders

CEO and Chief Yahoo!

March 2001


Founder of Yahoo! Jerry Yang is explosively upbeat from the moment you meet him. The enthusiasm that started on a tiny scale at Stamford still shines through, and though Yahoo! is morphing into a new animal, broader than search and mail, it’s transition to a media brand is one that he has been a champion of. “We’re approaching 500m people on the internet now and the future that we use to talk about is here. What’s strange is that its happened so quietly,” he muses, no doubt nursing the wounds of investor confidence collapse in the previous few years.

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“We have some things to push through including standards, measurements, creative but the key thing is that the audience is already there. It’s up to the creative industry to help drive forward the next phase of growth.”

Creativity is one of the key strategic issues Yahoo! identified when developing their business goals and Martina King, European Managing Director of Yahoo! Is equally evangelical: “In online we see some of the most powerful and engaging creative the advertising industry has ever produced.”

It’s clearly time to be proud of what this industry has already achieved. New concepts in advertising emerge as creatives go extend their use of the web beyond brand advertising and use banner spaces to provide live shop windows into their stores.

There is an exceptional creative potential that has taken advertising and customer relationships to a whole new level. We should never be seduced by technology for its own sake, but some of these technologies are allowing advertising to do something that has never been done before. Marketing communications is changing for good and the internet is right at the heart of that.

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