Professor Joel de Rosnay

Digital Thought Leaders

CEO Biotics International

July 2007

Joel de Rosnay is the rare visionary who uncloaks the future with the richest of insights. He describes the internet as a relationship technology and is fascinated by the new structures of relationships that are emerging. His books chart the history and the future of our relationships with technology and the Agor Vox online newspaper he helped build in France has pioneered the publishing models of citizen journalism. While the media industry is focussed on Web 2.0, he’s unravelling Web 3.0.

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And for more on what Web 3.0 might, or might not, mean or evolve into, check out the layers of debate feeding out from Tim's team - and the bitterly candid observation of this whole thing becoming a battleground for "would-be meme-engineers who want to position their startup as the next big thing". If that doesn't quench the thirst then roll-up your editing sleeves for the editing battleground of Wikipedia's definitions, and chew on this - if a Wiki is the child of the Web 2 generation, and has a blitz of editing by meme-writers building out the models of Web 3.0, then does that mean they add up to a Web of 3.0 + 2.0 x n (number of engineers). Time to register Web 2466.0? Time to but domain names any one?

A great article in The Times this week (and online forever of course)

...Follow the links and enjoy tumbling into the future. Is Web 3.0 really about giving the internet a brain, and beefing up the back-end so it can think and learn from our data flows. And if so, then Silicon Valley already has Web 4.0 mapped out. Enjoy the read...

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