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duncan dunlopWelcome to Digital Minds. New for 2010 we’re bringing you regular interviews with people shaping the digital landscape. Duncan Dunlop founded Oodle, the local classifieds search engine that is changing the local marketplace. In this interview he talks with Danny Meadows-Klue about classifieds, Marchex, Facebook and his 6 year old daughter’s internet wizardry.

What's the coolest thing you've seen online recently?

“Personally : Watching my 6 year old daughter effortlessly navigate the web. Professionally : reputation management tool from Marchex, a must for any business.”

What most excites you about digital marketing?

“Fact that every year something comes from nowhere and changes everything, think Twitter, Facebook, Skype etc.

What was the 'ah!' moment for you - the moment where you suddenly realised the scale the web or digital marketing would play in your business?

“The way email changed the way and frequency we communicate.”

What do you say to senior directors who just don't get it, senior directors who treat digital channels as a minor add-on?

“Not met one of those since the late 1990's!“

What's the difference in thinking managers need when their firms enter this space?

“Enter this space implies its different. Simply include digital as part of an integrated marketing strategy and apply resources to it accordingly.”

Most common mistake people make in digital media or marketing?

“Not being prepared to fail and organizations being too judgemental of people who do.”

If you could go back in time to a key 'digital moment', where and when would it be?

“1989, standing beside Tim Berners-Lee as he wrote a memo proposing an Internet-based hypertext system which kicked it all off.”

Where do you spend your time most online?

“Social Networks.”

Are digital channels a step-change in communications or simply a natural progression in marketing?

“They have turbo charged the way we communicate, Facebook is word of mouth on steroids.”

How do you see social media changing marketing?

“Facilitating word of mouth marketing, however you'll only get out what you put in.”

How does consumer generated content sit with traditionally authored and published content, what's the relationship?

“Its critical, it provides diversity, comprehensiveness and personality.”

Who should own digital strategies in an organisation: brand/marketing, agency, technology team, other?

“Everyone owns a businesses reputation and this is especially true in digital which allows for a previously unseen level of user engagement and feedback.”

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