We are all aware Silicon Valley still remains the undisputed destination for startups and capital ventures, however, a new crop of global tech hubs are rapidly expanding to one day match the superiority and talent oozing out of the Bay Area.

SmallBusinessPrices.co.uk has conducted a study which compiles a list that details best cities to live and work for people who are seeking entrepreneurial opportunities.

The Top 3 Rising Tech Hubs

  • Boulder, USA - For those looking to consider a location other than Silicon Valley, Boulder is a prime location for those wanting to start their next tech-startup.
  • Bangalore, India - Despite an average internet speed of 11mbps, Bangalore has over 6,000 investors and an average business value of $3.4 million making it one of the best locations on the Asian continent.
  • Johannesburg, South Africa - Johannesburg offers reasonable average monthly rent cost of $416, making it one of the most affordable tech hubs for young innovators.

You can view the infographic here and see the best rising tech hubs.