From beer brands making hand sanitiser to scuba diving equipment makers donating breathing equipment to hospitals, we look at some key brands reworking their resources to do their bit to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid 19: how a crisis triggered massive innovation by brands – from retooling production lines to new digital services

The way brands responded to the coronavirus emergency didn't just have an effect on people’s trust, but it created significant impact on purchasing decisions for the long term. Major donors from all over the world were doing their bit to help fund the fight against the virus, adapting their products and services to cater for a locked-down society. C19 unleashed unseen innovation in global brands, from physical changes in production lines, to creating new digital services, to innovating new distribution platforms.

In this report, we look at how some brands reworked their products and services to help communities around the world fight the pandemic.

Included in the report:

  • Global: fashion giants get stitching facemasks
  • UK: British Medical Journal creates free information hub
  • Spain: sports’ retailer Decathlon donates scuba masks to hospitals
  • Scotland: Brewdog switched beer production to hand sanitiser
  • UK: National Theatre brings the stage to people’s homes for free
  • France: LVMH made free hand sanitiser to help French hospitals fight Coronavirus
  • UK: F1 teams join forces for ‘Project Pitlane’ to assist with ventilator production
  • Global: EBay offered free services for small businesses eyeing ecommerce

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