Fiverr matches up freelancers with virtual agency platform ‘Studios’

Jul 30, 2019 | Ads, Content marketing

Fiverr matches up freelancers with virtual agency platform ‘Studios’
Fiverr has launched Studios, a new platform that lets freelancers collaborate with each other to offer full service agency work to clients.

‘Studios’ will allow a group of up to five freelancers from anywhere in the world, to form online studios or next generation boutique agencies – allowing them to tackle more complex projects for businesses via one platform.

Rather than hire full time marketers, graphic designers and copywriters – for a lower cost and no overheads – businesses can call on the expertise of a group of global talent via an online freelance platform.

Businesses can make a one-click purchase for their project through a single point of contact, the ‘Studio’ Lead manages the rest, with a single brief and a single fixed price for an entire agency-like team.

“Fiverr is always working to create ways for our community to connect, create and collaborate on a global scale,” said Hila Klein, Chief Operating Officer at Fiverr. “Studios is the natural evolution of the Fiverr platform; today we have elevated our marketplace from a platform of single contributor Gigs to teams of talented freelancers collaborating as a small agency to serve all businesses, from SMBs to enterprises. It is an amazing opportunity for sellers and buyers alike to work on and have complex projects completed with the same frictionless experience they are used to getting with Fiverr.”

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