HubSpot boosts analytics with Supermetrics partnership

Sep 5, 2019 | Ads, Content marketing, Search

Marketing software firm HubSpot has partnered with Supermetrics to expand its reporting options for clients.

HubSpot users can now analyse and report data across HubSpot portals in Google Sheets, Google Data Studio and Excel.

Equally important is the ability to consolidate HubSpot data with other marketing data for cross-channel analysis and reporting.

These capabilities are now provided by Supermetrics, the leading marketing data engine on the market, with over 25 billion euro worth of advertising spend reported through it every year.

The news is especially good for any company wanting to include HubSpot data into their cross-channel reporting. Companies running multiple HubSpot portals, for example for different brands or markets, will benefit immensely and save hours of tedious manual data organization work by using Supermetrics HubSpot connector.

“We have several automated dashboards set up for clients. Until this point, there was always a bar missing, which was customers, but now with Supermetrics’ HubSpot connector, we’ve been able to add that missing piece into the dashboards. This connector has helped us greatly on what we call “Operation Close the Loop,” says Maricarmen Vargas, Digital Account Manager at Vuelo6, a Puerto Rico based marketing agency.

“With auto refreshed HubSpot reporting and combined paid media metrics, we will be able to increase visibility across our entire business. Supermetrics has already saved our marketing team hours each week by automating cross-platform reporting. Now, the HubSpot Connector will allow us to combine the results of both our Sales and Marketing efforts to better identify drop-off points throughout the entire conversion process,” says Harrison Hollingsworth, marketing manager at AcreTrader: an investment platform using HubSpot as their main business tool.

“We’ve been working closely with the HubSpot team over the last several months to bring this much-requested product to market. HubSpot is one of the biggest marketing & sales platforms with a very active community of users and so it’s great to bring this connector to both, Supermetrics and HubSpot customers,” says Mikael Thuneberg, CEO and founder of Supermetrics.

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