Marketers waste nearly 7 hours a week on pure duplication of work

Oct 22, 2019 | Ads, Content marketing

A new global study of more than 10,000 office workers, reveals marketers waste a huge six hours 53 minutes each week on pure duplication of work. That’s 328 hours per marketer annually.

That figure is significantly higher than the global average of four hours and 38 minutes a week.

The data comes from an in depth study of how much time workers spend on unnecessary work. Asana, the company behind the ‘Anatomy of Work Index’ also reveals that marketers aren’t spending as much time on the actual work that they’re hired to do. Tasks such as responding to constant emails and message notifications, attending unexpected meetings and chasing people for input or feedback, now consumes 55% of the average marketer’s time at work.

Further global marketing stats include:

  • Only 28% of marketers’ time is spent doing the job they were hired to do.
  • More than 60% of their time is spent on low-value or unnecessary tasks such as searching emails for information, managing shifting priorities, sitting in meetings and communicating about the status of projects.
  • On average each marketer spends four hours 28 minutes in meetings each week. 3 hours 17 minutes (over two thirds) of these meetings are deemed unnecessary by marketers
  • Nine in ten (90%) marketers believe their teams aren’t as effective as they could be due to not having the right processes in place to help manage & streamline their work

Report Methodology

The Anatomy of Work Index was conducted by Sapio Research on behalf of Asana, to understand how people spend time at work. Asana and Sapio Research co-designed the questionnaire and surveyed the behaviors and attitudes of 10,223 knowledge workers across the UK; US; Japan; Australia/New Zealand; and Germany.

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