More than just millennials? BuzzFeed picks GlobalWebIndex to understand audience

Nov 3, 2017 | Content marketing

GlobalWebIndex and BuzzFeed are looking to gain a deeper understanding of BuzzFeed’s audiences in order to secure a more diverse range of advertising partnerships.

A recognised leader in viral content, BuzzFeed’s ongoing mission is to provide the most shareable breaking news, original reporting, entertainment, and video content. BuzzFeed is often seen as an advertising partner for brands targeting millennials, but the research shows otherwise.

Valued by a wide range of audiences that brands can tap into with their advertising, BuzzFeed is working closely with audience profiling experts at GlobalWebIndex, to analyse a wealth of local data in much greater depth.

Under the new partnership, in-house teams have begun to make use of these insights to challenge perceptions and spark new conversations. In Australia, teams are including these insights in a number of targeted newsletters outlining some of their most impactful finding that proved their mass appeal. Starting with mums, they used GlobalWebIndex data paired with internal research to share insights on audiences that are often overlooked in connection to BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeed Brazil is using GlobalWebIndex data to boost interest in advertising and provide brands with unique, new insight into their audiences. For instance, one of the biggest private banks in Brazil is working closely with BuzzFeed to help the company better understand how its customers act and think when making important decisions.

Bruno Belardo, Vice President, Brand Strategy at BuzzFeed Brazil comments, “BuzzFeed is well known for its close relationship with millennials. However, we want to show who these people are, what they do, what their desires are and what they feel defines them, because they don’t just fit within one category.”

Assessing the strengths of the new global partnership, Jackie Lundblad, Manager, Strategic Insights & Analytics at BuzzFeed adds, “Not only do we have the scale, we know our readers well and we know how to use this new data to provide the right recommendations to brands to improve their reach and awareness.”

Sebastian Hedencrona, Chief Revenue Officer at GlobalWebIndex concludes, “Publishers can use a wide range of data and analytics to understand more about who their audiences are and how they’re interacting with their content. However, in order to create campaigns that work for every one of their advertising partners, they need data that goes deeper. When you can quantify your audiences’ perceptions about brands with both local and global data that’s taken directly from consumers, this opens up a wealth of new opportunities to create more impactful campaigns.”

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