Slogans work: 50% of people ‘look to a slogan to understand a company’s purpose

Nov 26, 2020 | Content marketing

Slogans work: 50% of people ‘look to a slogan to understand a company's purpose
A brand slogan has the power to influence purchasing decisions, according to data released today. Nearly half of people (47%) said a company's slogan or mission statement was important when they were deciding to make a purchase.

The study, from B2B news site The Manifest found that surprisingly, only 7% of consumers believe logos are important for understanding a business’s purpose. This data comes from a survey of 501 people in the U.S.

Half of people (50%) said a company’s slogan is the brand element that helps them understand the company’s purpose the most, followed by the company’s name (13%).

Nearly half of people said a company slogan plays a role in their purchasing decisions, according to a study by The Manifest.

More than one-third of people believe a blue brand color signals trust, according to The Manifest’s new study.

The Color Blue Signals a Company’s Trustworthiness

While a company’s brand colors may not be important for understanding what a company’s all about, people agree that some brand colors foster more trust than others.

More than half of people surveyed (52%) said a brand’s colors are the least important brand element if they’re trying to learn about a company. Brand colors, however, evoke emotions, and more than one-third of people (35%) agree that blue is the most trustworthy brand color, followed by green (12%), red (8%), and orange (5%).

Design and branding experts interviewed about the survey findings shared that businesses should consider combining colors and shapes to convey their business’s purpose. “Shapes help create connection or symbolize structure,” said Reese Spykerman, owner of Design by Reese.

For example, a blue logo could be paired with circles and soft edges, according to Spykerman.

Brand Slogans Influence Purchasing Decisions

Nearly half of people surveyed (47%) said a company’s slogan is very or somewhat important when deciding to make a purchase.

The survey also asked about company names and found names that are descriptive of the business to be the most popular (49%).

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