Sublime rolls out high-impact video solution for brands

Oct 3, 2019 | Content marketing, Video

Sublime rolls out high-impact video solution for brands
Ad marketplace Sublime has launched a new solution designed to help brands achieve incremental reach through video formats, that complement their TV strategies.

An extensive range of high-impact video formats enable clients to deliver their video ad campaigns at scale and in a brand-safe environment.

Recent research highlights a decrease of traditional TV viewing, particularly in millennials where time spent watching TV fell by an estimated 17.2% in Q3 2018. The solution is designed to help reach these audiences that no longer watch TV and instead consume video content on their mobile and desktop devices, with Sublime boasting 80% reach in the UK via its network.

The desktop element of the ad solution is centred on the Reminder Ad unit, and is designed to engage the consumer without interrupting the user experience. A video is displayed at the top of the page but as the viewer scrolls down, the video moves within the wing or side of the page to ensure high completion rate. Sound only activates with an action from the viewer, resulting in a seamless – and engaging ­– experience.

SublimeTV also provides more creative surface area for the brand to communicate its message, on both the desktop and mobile ad units, with nine and three times more surface respectively. Sublime’s propriety algorithms select the best environment for the ads, allowing brands to enhance their video KPIs including screen resolution, average VTR, and bandwidth.

Sublime complies with industry brand safety guidelines and is Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSD) and IAB UK Gold Standard certified, ensuring all ad units are delivered in qualitative environments. Video Player Ad Interface Definitions (VPAID) and Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) enablement provide advertisers with further clarity and transparency.

SublimeTV offers an impressive 90% viewability on multi-devices – based on audiences viewing the ad for at least two seconds – as well as an optimised 70% view-through-rate (VTR) for 15-second videos. Audience engagement is further highlighted by Sublime’s high click-through-rate (CTR) of 1.2% on multiple devices.

To further enhance the offering, Sublime has partnered with Real Eyes, conducting emotional studies to understand audience response to Sublime’s video campaigns, as well as measure viewer attention span. As a result, brands are provided with valuable insight into consumer behaviour and can leverage this information to adapt their strategies and creative assets, and achieve high returns.

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