Virals of the Year: Ridley Scott returns to advertising with epic Hennessy ad

Nov 26, 2019 | Ads, Content marketing, Video, Viral

Virals of the Year: Ridley Scott returns to advertising with epic Hennessy ad
In February this year, Premium cognac brand Hennessy XO teamed up with Oscar-nominated director Sir Ridley Scott to produce a lavish mini-movie to promote its signature spirit.

Envisioning seven luxurious extraterrestrial worlds to match the seven tasting notes of the cognac, this four-minute-long spot showcases the best in visual effects that film has to offer. Closing with the evocative caption, ‘Each drop is an odyssey’, the ad aims to capture the indulgence of Hennessey XO.

This ad was based on an original idea and campaign by DDB Paris and debuted at the 2019 Oscars ceremony.

Legendary within advertising circles for directing Apple’s “1984” Super Bowl spot, Scott hasn’t personally helmed an ad in 15 years, though he did produce a 2016 Super Bowl ad for LG directed by son Jake Scott, and his production studio has long remained active, currently operating under the name Ridley Scott Creative Group.

“I was attracted to this project because I was inspired by the potential for art and entertainment to bring this story to life,” Scott says in a statement about the branded film launch. “Hennessy has a great product, and I was lucky enough to have the freedom to interpret this and create something amazing. I think people will be stunned when they see the film.”

The brand also released a behind-the-scenes interview with Scott about the ad’s creative development:

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