YouTube to phase out exact subscriber numbers for large channels

Sep 4, 2019 | Ads, Content marketing, News

YouTube is phasing out exact counts for public facing channels from this week.

Starting September 2, the platform will begin showing abbreviated subscriber counts for channels with 1,000 or more subscribers.

This update will gradually roll-out throughout next month across YouTube and the public YouTube Data API Service.

Creators will still be able to see their exact subscriber numbers in YouTube Studio and YouTube analytics.

YouTube offered examples of how this will impact public-facing subscriber counts, explaining that channels with 12,345 subscribers would show a subscriber count of 12.3K, channels with 1,234,567 would show 1.23M, and channels with 123,456,789 subscribers would display a subscriber count of 123M.

“This addresses creator concerns about ​stress and ​well-being, specifically around tracking public subscriber counts in real-time,” wrote a YouTube team member on the site’s Community Forum Blog, “We hope this helps all creators focus on telling their story, and​ experience less pressure​ about the numbers.”

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