Renault launches two global campaigns to promote ZOE electric car

Mar 4, 2021 | Content marketing, Online video

Renault and Publicis Conseil has produced two different global campaigns to promote its ZOE electric car.

The ads highlighting its 2 main facts: with more than 270 000 units sold, ZOE is the best-selling electric car in Europe in 2020, and ZOE has the best driving range of its category.


In this campaign, Renault has chosen to talk about leadership with an upbeat, modern and dynamic communication: ZOE is truly a best-seller, let’s prove it by simply showing the impressive number of people who already chose it.

In this film, our hero is chasing a girl who forgot her bag. She is driving a ZOE, but she will be very hard to catch in the street full of Renault ZOEs!

A very powerful campaign, full of energy that is not only to convince people to choose the electric car of reference but also to create a great impact on the Renault brand image.

Publicis has collaborated with WAFLA and film director Clément Durou, who since the making of the Pharell William video “Happy” has never ceased to develop an ultra-modern, pop and unrestrained creative vision through their collaborations.

The music “Georgia – Never let you go” orchestrated by Start-Rec serves a new dynamic and modern version of a ZOE campaign.

Arnaud Belloni, global CMO Renault: “With this campaign, we have the ambition to show ZOE in a new way: fresh, modern, highly rhythmical, very far from the usual communications on this market, to deliver a very strong message: Number 1 in electric vehicles across Europe.”


This campaign shows that ZOE is the best choice by highlighting the strengths of the car: driving range of up to 395km, 338l truck volume, and roominess with 4 to 5 reals seats, so you can go wherever life takes you. ZOE is a genuine B segment car with an electric engine.

Renault and Publicis chose to say it through a universal, very human and emotional story about parents giving their child a ZOE when he’s about to leave the nest to study at university.

The music “Tom Rosenthal – Go solo” also orchestrated by Start-Rec accentuates the emotion of the story.

Arnaud Belloni, global CMO Renault: “The driving range of an electric vehicle remains a key choice criteria for consumers, despite the progress that has been made. Leaving the nest allows us to renew the Renault ZOE’s message on autonomy, the best in its category up to 395km. An undeniable advantage as competition increases.”

A complete international communication kit including all the assets of both campaigns is available, so each country can deploy the messages locally (TVCs, digital, Print, Posm, crm…)

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