‘Netflix for food’: Spoon Guru unveils smart food recommendation platform

Jan 23, 2020 | CPG, FMCG digital marketing, FMCG digital marketing food and beverages, Mobile, Mobile, UK

‘Netflix for food’: Spoon Guru unveils smart food recommendation platform
UK based technology start-up Spoon Guru has launched its new Health and Wellness Suite for retailers to help customers discover the right foods for their individual health objectives and dietary needs.

Described as a Netflix-style curation for food, the advancement to Spoon Guru’s AI-powered food search and discovery platform will take food personalisation to the next level by allowing shoppers to discover suitable foods and recipes for their unique requirements by analysing their propensity and purchase behaviour.

The Health and Wellness Suite will also work to power CRM for retailers, generate detailed consumer and category insights, and innovative loyalty programs. Alongside  Spoon Guru’s flagship Product TAGs™ – which showcases relevant products based on individual requirements and preferences – the new platform is a valuable, modular vehicle that enables retailers to differentiate through health whilst driving long-term value and loyalty to customers.

The new health and wellness platform allows customers to discover healthier alternatives, and make relevant and targeted product and recipe recommendations based on the deep analysis of shopper’s baskets. The Health and Wellness Suite will span applications from predictive modelling to trend analysis, enabling retailers to gather unprecedented insights into shoppers’ consumption habits and purchasing habits.

Spoon Guru’s extended Health and Wellness Suite includes: 

SG Basket Analyser™ allows customers to track the healthiness of purchases over time and how the current shopping experience compares. The module also provides insights to retailers to track health targets for all shoppers across departments, categories (commodities) and brands.

SG Healthy Swaps™ suggests healthier products and recipes associated with items being browsed in real-time.

SG Recipe Recommendations delivers highly personalised recipe suggestions to each consumer through the use of machine learning and ensures individual ingredients in shoppable recipes match dietary requirements.

SG Product Recommendations utilises machine learning to understand customer purchase behaviours to power food search and discovery.

SG Health Scores™ analyses entire basket or individual products and recipes for shoppers’ relative health merit in alignment to market needs.

Markus Stripf, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Spoon Guru, comments, “The launch of the new Health and Wellness Suite is the next phase in Spoon Guru’s mission to offer consumers friction-free food search and discovery. Each module works in tandem to ensure shoppers experience the highest level of personalisation when shopping online or in stores. Similar to Netflix, we will enable personalized “health focused” experiences that learn and optimise customer needs overtime. This ensures product and recipe discovery is highly relevant for their health, lifestyle, medical or taste needs

“The advantages for retailers are clear. Our ‘Health and Wellness Suite allows our partners to provide healthy food options whilst driving value. Health is a major differentiator in the price wars and a powerful vehicle to drive long term loyalty. We are beyond excited to bring this new innovative solution to the market to enable retailers to serve the needs of consumers,” Stripf concludes.


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