Most IT teams ‘believe that marketing doesn’t appreciate their work’

Nov 8, 2019 | Regulation

Most IT teams ‘believe that marketing doesn’t appreciate their work’
Over half (58%) of IT teams believe that marketing doesn’t appreciate their work, according to new research.

The study, from content management system (CMS) provider, Magnolia incorporates a survey of over 200 IT professionals and 200 marketers across both the UK and US and garners unique insights into the DX landscape and the attitudes both groups hold in relation to their peers.

The report, “Straight talking content management” reveals that 1 in 5 IT professionals believe that marketing doesn’t understand the work of IT. While at the same time, 24% of marketers say they’re frustrated by the lack of communication between marketing and IT, and 32% are frustrated by how slowly digital assets are launched.

The research suggests that, despite the disconnect, marketers and IT teams are keen to work together, with 59% of respondents say that they’re keen to work more collaboratively in future.

To bridge the divide, Magnolia is calling for more marketing technology to embrace the needs of both marketing and IT teams to enable both to provide exceptional digital experiences.

Commenting on the research, Darren Hitchcock, General Manager at Magnolia said: “As it stands, marketers and IT teams currently work in silos which has led to digital experiences being delivered to a far lower standard than they should be.”

“The key for businesses is to understand that both groups have a role to play in shaping digital experiences, and therefore should be provided with marketing technology that works for both IT teams and marketers. With the right CMS in place, these groups can work together collaboratively to achieve their digital experience goals.”


Download the full Straight talking content management report here