Content marketing and ecommerce case study: Kraft USA converts Super Bowl viewers into buyers with full funnel ad campaign

Kraft wanted to extend the value of its media, and realised that by taking consumers on a journey from an exposure of expensive paid media, to exposures close to the points of purchase, they could increase the sales conversion in a way that was highly cost effective. This content marketing case study looks at how the FMCG brand used Amazon Advertising to repurpose a Super Bowl commercial into a holistic marketing campaign and reach customers across all stages of the purchase journey.

Will ultra-fast quantum computing provide value to most companies in the short term?

With tech giants including Google, IBM, Microsoft and Intel racing to create the next generation of supercomputers, investment in quantum computing technologies are booming. New research looks into how machines capable of performing calculations in seconds that traditional computers would take 10,000 years to perform, can provide value (or not) in the short term.