‘Idea Pins’ take on TikTok

This video-first feature is for creators who want to tell their stories using video, music and creative editing tools. It’s similar to the TikTok short video formats, letting influencers record and edit creative videos – with up to 20 pages of content. Tools include voice-over recording, background music, transitions and other interactive elements. The tools make agency-quality content more readily achievable and will particularly help small brands.

TikTok in-app shopping is here

When they started testing in-app shopping in Europe with clothing brands, the excitement was palpable. The energy of the TikTok content can flow into shoppable media, and on into sales. ByteDance ran early tests with streetwear brand Hype. What’s next? Watch every social platform accelerate its shoppable media.

Reddit starts in-house creative agency

To get more attention from brands, and make the process easier, Reddit has launched “KarmaLab”. The agency provides social listening and trends reports, community management assistance, creative workshops and campaign development. This adds to the growing ad offering, which now includes a wider range of video options.

New platforms: food and grocery delivery apps

The pandemic triggered a huge rise in food and delivery apps globally with 150m downloads a month in 2020. This created new global platforms for the restaurant, food and grocery industries. UberEats, Foodpanda, iFood, Zomato, Doordash, Getir and Deliveroo are all becoming global brands. Ethical and food waste apps also surged, with companies like Too Good to Go and OLIO among the leaders.

Clubhouse audio chat launches on Android

The much-awaited rollout to Android boosted audience reach and helped turn this into a more viable platform for brands. Audience numbers and profile are key for reaching the critical mass needed in PR and advertising campaigns. Clubhouse is growing fast and looking set to become a powerful channel for brands that have creative ideas that fit the format.

TikTok lead generation launch

The lead generation tool is a first-party solution that encourages users to signal their interest in a product or service by filling out a form with their information. It spans everything from the latest beauty products, fashion and food, to services like booking a test drive in a new car. All packaged in a very TikTok way.

Snapchat takes on TikTok with ‘Spotlight’

Snapchat has seen strong increases in both usage and revenue as the social media pioneer pushed its product development. ‘Spotlight’ – the feed of short video clips – also provides cash incentives of up to $1m per day for the best, most engaging Spotlight shorts. Several creators have made big money, and it’s boosted creative competition. Find out how…

Google search update: Most websites failing to meet upcoming ‘good page’ criteria

Most sites that rank in Google’s top 20 search results don’t currently pass the minimum requirements for a good page experience – as set out in Google’s new ‘Core Web Vitals’ update. 96% of sites tested in US desktop searches failed three Core Web Vitals thresholds for performance and usability. And rankings are bound to be impacted. Time to check your own performance.

Shopify expands Pinterest social commerce deal

Pinterest and Shopify expanded their partnership to 27 more. The partnership will provide 1.7m Shopify merchants with an easy way to bring their products to Pinterest and turn them into shoppable Product Pins. The timing coincided with multi-feed support for ‘Catalogs’, a new feature allowing businesses to easily upload products in multiple feeds within one Pinterest Business account. Find out how selling just got easier.