Report: Brand success on social media is easier than you think

Marketers and consumers are misaligned in regard to what they want to achieve on social media, with 65% of businesses using brand awareness as a main goal, but only 17% said that driving revenue was a main business goal, despite 63% of all consumers purchasing from social media, according to new research.

Revealed: The most successful health and fitness influencers

Health and fitness personalities have increased over the past year across all social media and Currys PC World has revealed the Top 100 Most Popular Health and Fitness Influencers in the World, highlighting their earning per year, per post and number of followers amongst other metrics.

10 immersive startups to watch in 2021

From criminal justice tech, AR for online retailers to tech to help families with children interacting with sign language, ten of the UK’s most promising startups working with immersive technologies have graduated from Digital Catapult’s Augmentor programme.