LGBT+ business community myGwork gets revamp

Jun 1, 2018 | Digital marketing skills

Entrepreneurial twins Adrien and Pierre Gaubert are re-inventing the way LGBT+ professionals find and secure jobs with myGwork, the LGBT+ business community.

Dubbed the “pink LinkedIn”, myGwork is connecting the LGBT+ community with inclusive and supportive organisations who are actively seeking to create diverse workplaces while, more broadly, connecting LGBT+ people with their own community.

myGwork is now launching an expanded version of their website with a redesigned interface and innovative new features following a new investment round supported by Chris Mouskoundi, former Board member of The Office Group, and Paul Reed, former CEO of BP’s Integrated and Supply and Trading division. myGwork’s new branding was created with the help of Isobar (Dentsu Aegis Network) one of their corporate partner.

Despite the progress made over the last decade, LGBT+ people still face discrimination in their daily lives and at work. According to recent studies by TUC more than one in three LGBT+ people experience homophobic harassment or bullying at work. Only half of LGBT+ people are out in the workplace.

According to a report commissioned by the Equalities review, half of transgender people do not live their life in their preferred gender for fear of dismissal. Over a quarter of trans people will change their jobs because of harassment and bullying.

For many, progress has not been enough, and it is directly affecting the way LGBT+ people work. Adrien and Pierre Gaubert have experienced this discrimination in the workplace first-hand which was the impetus for them to create myGwork.

myGwork has over 60 corporate partners pledging a commitment to diversity. Varying from industries as widespread as Finance, Law, Consultancy, Pharmaceuticals and Media, with high profile partners such Clifford Chance, Santander UK, EY, Worldpay, PwC, GSK, Dentsu Aegis, JP Morgan, Salesforce, Travers Smith, Willis Towers Watson, JLL, & Uber etc.

Corporate partners choose from a variety of packages that allow them to post jobs that will be seen by 180k monthly visitors. Organisations are featured in articles and on social media, have access to a database for their own employees to network with each other, share offers and discounts, and post employee reviews. Users join free and instantly find LGBT-friendly organisations.

As the larger LGBT+ recruitment and networking hub, the site creates a unique business community.

The new website builds on the job posting and company profiles by introducing a mentoring feature. Users can choose an option to advertise themselves as mentors on their profile, and those who want to find a mentor can easily use the search function to find someone in their field. The chat feature then enables them to strike up a conversation. The site also shares professional LGBT+ events happening around the globe and is a place to read about the latest LGBT+ news and politics. A mobile app is set to then launching in a few months.

Organisations are now able to connect even more closely to their employees and use mygwork as their LGBT intranet. This can be particularly useful for international or multinational organisations operation in countries where the LGBT+ community is facing legislative and cultural challenges. They can share events exclusively with their employees or with the entire platform.

Now everyone can submit their events and articles with myGwork by filling a form on the website. Individual members can also share employment opportunities with the community by clicking on the ‘post a job’ tool.
The new logo of interconnected links represents strength and unity and emphasises the need for the LGBT+ community to stand together.

“I’m excited by the support myGwork is gaining from the Employer community; I know first-hand how much more productive and successful employers and employees are, when they create and work in an environment where diversity is embraced,” said Paul Reed, “in particular when LGBT+ people feel comfortable in their work environment and feel comfortable not hiding who they are, then it is well documented how much job satisfaction, personal advancement, productivity, retention and results all improve. myGwork is already providing a valuable tool to support this community and their expanded hub will further benefit both employers and employees alike.”

“Our new website, logo and branding very much reflects our intention to federate the LGBT+ community around knowledge, experience and job opportunity sharing.” Adrien and Pierre Gaubert have said of the rebranding. “Our hashtag #Workstrong sums up our vision of an empowered LGBT+ business community that will lead the way to a thriving new generation of diverse professionals in the global workforce.”

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