Pizza Hut partners Contentsquare to boost customer experience

Aug 10, 2021 | E-commerce

Pizza Hut partners Contentsquare to boost customer experience
Pizza Hut is working with Contentsquare as the global restaurant chain looks to optimize it’s digital customer experiences.

The move will see Pizza Hut use Contentsquare’s customer behavior insights to make meaningful discoveries as to how consumers interact with certain areas of their website.

Since adopting the platform, the team has identified several opportunities to drive experimentation, tailor personalization, and optimize customer journeys across the Pizza Hut site.

In a recent interview, Tristan Burns, Global Head of Analytics at Pizza Hut, provided examples of how the brand has used Contentsquare to experiment with different elements of its digital presence and CX design.

In one instance, Pizza Hut’s Digital Ventures team noticed that customers were not clicking on the individual ‘deal cards’ listed on the site’s popular ‘Our Deals’ page.

Having identified this unusual behavior through Contentsquare’s zoning analysis tool, the Pizza Hut team recognized that a lack of calls to action might be making these deal cards look unclickable. Using this insight, the team was able to run a series of A/B tests confirming their hypothesis and improving the experience for customers.

Extrapolating on the changes already introduced, Pizza Hut’s Digital Ventures team anticipates an annualized uplift of $7.8 million due to its adoption of the Contentsquare platform.

Commenting on the partnership, Tristan Burns, Global Head of Analytics at Pizza Hut said, “As an international brand with a universally loved product, Pizza Hut has an extremely varied customer base. Given this variety, it’s impossible to rely on demographic data alone, we have to go deeper.

“Contentsquare allows us to understand our customers at a much more detailed level. It also empowers our analytics team to quickly test and validate new changes and ideas, creating the best possible customer experience for all of our audiences.”
Niki Hall, Chief Marketing Officer at Contentsquare also commented, “Pizza Hut delivers a product that millions of people around the world enjoy. Today, Contentsquare is helping the brand deliver an equally high-quality digital experience.

“The opportunity to experiment is a big part of what Contentsquare stands for. We provide the world’s biggest brands with both the tools and insights to understand their customers, trial new ideas and ultimately build a better customer experience. As such, we’re excited to see the unique insights and experiments that Pizza Hut will deliver through our platform.”

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