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If you’re looking for great content about internet media or digital marketing then talk with our team.

We’ve been creating digital marketing news, research, case studies and training courses since before 2000, some of which can be republished on your website or intranet.

Republishing or licensing our content is a fast-track for creating a strong experience for your staff or partners. We can arrange editorial syndication, newsletter production, microsite creation for training or information services

Licensing our content

Simply get in touch with the team to find out about editorial syndication, copyright and content permissions.

Short quotes of our content?

Many media companies, agencies, universities and brands ask to republish our case studies, charts, research, reports or comment articles. This is often possible if it’s fully credited and includes a link to the original content here. It needs an email confirmation from our team as only some of our content can be syndicated.

Looking for access to our research and news?

If the research, case studies and articles are useful, then why not sign your team up for the regular email editions as well? You’ll find the links to signup, here on Digital Intelligence.