Global ad spend by sector: FMCG accounts for quarter of all spend

Feb 5, 2013 | CPG, FMCG digital marketing food and beverages, Online advertising

There has been moderate global growth in advertising spending, but fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies are bucking the trend by investing far more than other sectors, according to new research


Nielsen’s quarterly Global AdView Pulse report indicates that the largest sector by ad spend market share, with roughly a quarter of all dollars spent (25.1%), FMCG saw a six percent increase in ad spend in 2012 through September.

FMCG was joined by telecom, media and automotive as the top sectors for year-over-year ad growth.

FMCG: FMCG spending grew most in Q3 (9.6%), driven largely by increases in food and drink advertising. Advertising in the Middle East and Africa contributed significantly to these gains, with a regional year-to-date increase in FMCG spending of 41 percent.

Telecommunications: Telecommunications advertising unsurprisingly continued to lead the sectors for growth in year-to-date advertising spend (+6.6%).

Media: Within the media sector, broadcasters spent 8.3 percent more in ad spending for 2012 to date. This jump may be in part due to an increase in broadcasters advertising on their own channels, as they promote their content and fill spots not sold to other advertisers.

Automotive: Q3 is traditionally big for the automotive industry, as the sector saw a 6 percent increase in the first three quarters of 2012 over the same period in 2011.

Research firm eMarketer recently reported that global digital advertising spending topped the $100 billion mark in 2012, accounting for around a fifth of all ad spend during the year.

The global advertising market reached $495bn this year, up 3.8% over 2011, and will grow 3.1% next year, according to the Magna Global Advertising Forecast 2013.


Nielsen Global AdView Pulse measures ad spending for TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, outdoor, cinema and Internet display advertising. Some markets may exclude select media due to data availability.

The external data sources for the other countries included in the report are:

  • Argentina: IBOPE
  • Brazil: IBOPE
  • Croatia: Nielsen in association with Ipsos
  • Egypt: PARC (Pan Arab Research Centre)
  • France: Yacast
  • Greece: Media Services
  • Hong Kong: admanGo
  • Japan: Nihon Daily Tsushinsha
  • Kuwait: PARC (Pan Arab Research Centre)
  • Lebanon: PARC (Pan Arab Research Centre)
  • Mexico: IBOPE
  • Pan-Arab Media: PARC (Pan Arab Research Centre)
  • Portugal: Mediamonitor
  • Saudi Arabia: PARC (Pan Arab Research Centre)
  • Spain: Arce Media
  • Switzerland: Nielsen in association with Media Focus
  • UAE: PARC (Pan Arab Research Centre)

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