Hellmann’s targets millennials with direct to consumer model

Aug 29, 2017 | CPG, E-commerce and E-retailing, FMCG digital marketing food and beverages, Mobile, Unilever - Research, tips and news for marketers

Unilever's dressings brand Hellmann's has begun testing a new direct-to-consumer model with on-demand delivery service Quiqup in a collaboration connected by Unilever Foundry.

Targeting shoppers who are likely to make impulse purchases, the service allows consumers to choose their favourite recipe and get all the fresh ingredients delivered to them directly within an hour.

“We’re very excited to be launching this service in partnership with Quiqup,” said Joanna Allen, global brand VP for Hellmann’s.

“We recognised that consumers are looking to technology to help make their cooking and eating habits quicker and easier.

“By offering consumers the opportunity to directly shop the Hellmann’s recipes, we free up consumers’ time to focus on what they enjoy most – the pleasure of eating great tasting food.

“As a brand that originated in a deli, it’s an important opportunity for us to return to direct-to-consumer servicing.”

The partnership is an opportunity for Hellmann’s to engage with its consumers in a new way and will initially target the London area.

The pilot allows the brand to address an unmet consumer need, taking advantage of the growing trend in the consumer behaviour of buying goods on impulse.

Through the Unilever Foundry, Hellmann’s put out a brief looking for tech solutions to help the brand further engage with a digitally savvy millennial audience.

Following the platform’s unique pitch-pilot-partner process, Quiqup was identified as the ideal solution to directly engage with a new audience through a new business model.

As part of Hellmann’s strategy to connect with a new generation of millennials, Quiqup will enable the brand to reach consumers through the on-demand delivery models millennials have come to expect.

Unlike most delivery services, Quiqup isn’t tied to a specific retail outlet or size of partner. The company works with a variety of retailers ranging from big name brands to independent businesses.

“Partnering with Hellmann’s has provided us with an entry route to collaboration with a well-established big brand,” said Bassel El Koussa, Quiqup CEO & co-founder.

“Today’s consumers have come to expect businesses to offer fast, flexible and efficient delivery options because they recognise the scarcity of time and want to make the most of what they have.

“Our technology enables Hellmann’s to remain relevant to new audiences and adapt to changing digital consumer lifestyles.”

Unilever Foundry, a global platform for start-ups to collaborate with Unilever’s 400+brands, has been an entry point for innovative tech companies for over three years, piloting over 100 start-ups with Unilever brands in that time.

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