2017 was a booming year for video content on Facebook. In this article, , Socialbakers details how companies tapped into the format and review the top Facebook videos published across the fashion, retail, and FMCG industries.

If there’s one content type that stands out on Facebook, it’s video. The format’s potential to grab users’ attention, create immersive experiences, and spark engagement makes it a powerful means of communication between brands and their online audiences.

These significant benefits didn’t go unnoticed by the brands from the fashion, retail, and FMCG industries who tapped into the potential of Facebook videos in many creative ways. We looked at their top-performing native, Live, and 360 Facebook videos to inspire your video content strategy for next year!

1. Top Facebook videos published across the fashion industry


Facebook native video: Effy Jewelry


This video published by an American jewelry manufacturer, Effy Jewelry, is polished to perfection. It has stunning visuals, gentle music, and an engaging storyline, which proves that the company has invested a lot of time and effort in creating this post. The video has a luxurious feel that perfectly reflects the nature of Effy Jewelry’s high-end products.

The video was the second most engaging Facebook native video post published across the fashion industry with an impressive number of more than 11,000 organic interactions.

Facebook Live video: Stella & Dot


The fashion accessories company, Stella & Dot, created a short how-to tutorial using Facebook Live.

The Facebook live stream is pretty straightforward – it features a stylist demonstrating how to best wear the company’s accessories. But despite its simplicity, the video is very effective in showcasing what matters most – Stella & Dot’s products.

This post generated over 8,000 interactions and 209,000 views, making it second place among the most engaging Facebook Live videos across the fashion industry.

Facebook 360 video: Patagonia


Patagonia, an outdoor clothing and gear brand, went off the beaten track and did not spotlight their products in their Facebook 360 video. Instead, the company took their audience on an exciting rock climbing trip – an activity that many of their customers associate Patagonia with. Although quite short, the video shows enough spectacular panoramic views to keep the viewers engaged and longing for more.

With nearly 8,000 interactions, Patagonia’s video made it to the top of the list of the most engaging Facebook 360 videos published across the fashion industry.

Key learnings from the fashion industry’s top Facebook videos:

  • Focus on the quality of your Facebook videos. To make the most of the format’s potential to reach and engage users, you need to create videos that are worked out to the tiniest detail.
  • Demonstrate how to best use your products through how-to videos. It’s also a good idea to explain how your products are made to appeal to increasingly conscious customers.
  • Create immersive video experiences. Taking your audience to different travel destinations, events, or even your office is a great way to stand out in their News Feed and generate interactions.

2. Top Facebook videos published across the retail industry


Facebook native video: Michaels Stores


To celebrate the upcoming Christmas season Michaels, an American art supplies store, invited the actor John Stamos to star in their Facebook video. Stamos’ role was to decorate a Christmas stocking, which allowed the company to send a simple, yet powerful message: even celebrities are using Michaels’ art materials.

Michaels’ video received over 12,000 interactions and more than 2.5M views, which made it the second most engaging Facebook video published across the retail industry.

Facebook Live video: Lamborghini Newport Beach


Lamborghini Newport Beach, an exclusive car dealer, decided to capitalize on the popularity of unboxing videos with this Facebook live stream showing the unloading of a car. Since unboxing videos are known to generate high engagement, leveraging this format was definitely a smart move. Plus, the company successfully spotlighted their latest assortment in a very out-of-the-box way.

Lamborghini Newport Beach’s Facebook Live video strongly resonated with their audience who interacted with the post more than 25,000 times, making it the 4th most engaging post published across the retail industry.

Facebook 360 video: Spirit Halloween


Spirit Halloween, a seasonal decorations retailer, invited their audience to their flagship store in Egg Harbor Township. The company used Facebook 360 video to host a quick tour across the shelves, racks, and hangers full of their spooky products. As a result, Spirit Halloween was able to encourage the viewers to visit their store and, most importantly, buy their items.

The video accumulated as much as 20,000 interactions and 1M views and was the most engaging Facebook 360 video published across the retail industry.

Key learnings from the retail industry’s top Facebook videos:

  • Feature influencers in your videos. This way, you’ll be able to appeal to a larger group of people – those following both your company and the influencer.
  • Take advantage of the unboxing videos’ potential to drive views and sales https://blog.ordoro.com/2016/04/19/7-best-unboxing-experiences/ by creating video content reflecting the joy of taking your products out of the packaging.
  • Offer your audiences a sneak-peek at your brick-and-mortar store to spark interest in your business and offering.

3. Top Facebook videos published across the FMCG industry


Facebook native video: Philadelphia


Philadelphia Cream Cheese, a dairy brand, created a short video demonstrating how to make mini cheesecakes with their product. The post not only highlighted a creative use of the Philadelphia Cream Cheese, but also tapped into the immense popularity of cooking videos on social media (see Buzzfeed Tasty).

The audiences loved Philadelphia Cream Cheese’s video, which garnered a whopping 37,000 interactions and 3.8M views – the highest numbers for Facebook native video across the FMCG industry.

Facebook Live video: Yankee Candle


Yankee Candle, an American scented candles manufacturer, used Facebook Live video to unveil their new products in real-time. To spice up the watching experience even more, the company was asking their audience questions throughout the video and rewarding correct answers with Yankee Candle accessories.

Yankee Candle’s clever approach to their Facebook live stream worked really well. Their video received almost 6,000 interactions, making it the fifth most engaging Facebook Live video published across the FMCG industry.

Facebook 360 video: Wright Brand Bacon


Wright Brand Bacon, a bacon and ham producer, clearly knows how to make their audience crave their products. The company’s Facebook 360 video – shot inventively from the inside of an oven and displaying sizzling slices of bacon – is sure to make viewers’ mouths water.

The video generated over 24,000 interactions and 3.8M views, ranking number one among Facebook 360 videos published across the FMCG industry.

Key learnings from the FMCG industry’s top Facebook videos:

  • If you’re a food or household products brand, focus on creating cooking videos. This format is easily digestible and can amass large number of views http://www.ihdigital.com/social-media-marketing-recipe-videos-kenwood-naturel/ and interactions.
  • Use the unique capability of Facebook Live video to build an immediate connection with your audience. Include clear Call-to-actions (CTAs) to encourage the viewers to interact with your video content in real-time.
  • Try to make your videos appeal to feelings or emotions. This type of content is known to generate a strong response from the audience, strengthen purchasing intent, and even help your posts go viral.

The Takeaway

2017 was a great year for video on Facebook as companies leveraged the format in multiple creative ways. Since video will be even bigger in 2018, it’s important that you develop a video strategy ready to compete in your market and measure your video view metrics on a larger scale so you know with confidence you’re receiving the largest share of the audience’s attention.

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