Unity boosts indie game developers with game growth program

Oct 14, 2020 | Marketing through gaming

Unity boosts indie game developers with game growth program
Game creation platform Unity has launched an accelerator for independent game developers.

The program supports mobile free-to-play game creators by providing them with access to tech, resources and funding for user acquisition to scale, all without robbing them of any creative control and ownership of their IP.

This program launches at a time when there is a lot of debate about revenue share in the mobile market. At the end of the day, developers are looking to maintain a stable income, and Unity’s aim with the accelerator is to provide several levels of support to indie developers, so they can focus on creating exceptional, engaging and fun titles for users while maximizing their earning potential.

Aimed at supporting mobile free-to-play games, the program provides developers access to technology, resources, and funding for user acquisition to effectively scale their games. Unique to this partnership is that developers maintain full creative control and ownership of their intellectual property (IP) in the process, and upon completion of the program, leave with full ownership of the game and what it has gained, with no permanent revenue share commitments to Unity from the partnership. With a specific focus on supporting the Indie game community, developers can submit their games for program consideration. If selected, Unity will partner with them to design and accelerate a robust player engagement strategy, comprised of full game support, including user acquisition campaigns, optimized monetization via ads and in-app purchases, and player analytics.

“Great games often go unnoticed, especially within the Indie segment,” said Julie Shumaker, Vice President of Revenue, Operate Solutions, Unity. “We believe creators shouldn’t choose between their entertainment vision and the tactical execution required to build audiences and make money. Ultimately, the Game Growth Program supports developers in the journey to yield the highest success for their game all while retaining ownership of their company and IP. Our measurement for success is that these participating developers will eventually outgrow the program because they’ve built a sustainable business that can stand on its own as a result.”

The Game Growth Program provides selected developers with a dedicated team of Unity experts who partner and educate on user acquisition, player engagement, and monetization strategies. In turn, this frees-up developers’ internal teams to remain focused on the core game to make the improvements necessary for success. Unity is also committing funds to the program to enable discovery and accelerate user acquisition through the use of ads, including Unity Ads as well as those available through outside networks. Unity Ads reports 22.9B+ monthly global ad impressions, reaching 2B+ monthly active end-users worldwide.

“Our Operate Solutions are known for helping customers solve critical growth and scaling challenges, independent of what engine was used to create the game,” said Felix Thé, Vice President of Product Management, Unity. “The Game Growth Program is incentivizing Unity creators of all sizes, no matter how small, with fundamental support so that the ultimate resource – creativity – is left unbridled and focused on making the best possible experience.”

Anyone interested in joining the Game Growth Program begins by going through the application process on the Unity Dashboard. During the application, Unity will learn all about the project and development team, then work with selected applicants to integrate the Game Growth package into their game via the Unity editor.


To learn more about Unity’s Game Growth Program and process, visit https://unity.com/game-growth-program.


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