Adobe launches 5 new AI services for customer insights

May 19, 2020 | Ad tech, Online advertising

Adobe launches 5 new AI services for customer insights
Adobe has launched five intelligent services, powered by its AI, Adobe Sensei.

Each intelligent service is designed to enable brands to connect with their customers across different touchpoints and use the vast amounts of data they have more efficiently and accurately, using Adobe’s AI technology.

Built on Adobe Experience Platform, the new services will help brands overcome common challenges associated with AI, including the lack of AI expertise and implementation complexities.

The new Intelligent Services will be able to stitch together unstructured data under a common language. Strict governance features available in the platform help brands more easily stay ready for industry regulation and corporate policies for consumer safeguards. And a self-service interface delivers flexibility, allowing users to configure the services for use cases specific to Customer Experience Management (CXM).

Visual computing company NVIDIA, one of the first to leverage Intelligent Services, is using Attribution AI service to understand the effectiveness of their marketing programmes, using insights to drive five times more registrations to event campaigns. With Customer AI, NVIDIA is gaining a better understanding of how consumers are engaging with its gaming products and drive more personalised content for users. Lastly, NVIDIA also enjoyed a 14% lift in email open rates after using Journey AI’s predictive insights to enhance the effectiveness of email campaigns.

The five new services are listed below:

• Customer AI: AI that helps analyse and provide context on historical and real-time data to understand why customers make the moves they do. Brands will also be able to anticipate how likely customers are to unsubscribe from a subscription service, if prices are increased for example, or if they will engage with custom promotions. NVIDIA has gained a better understanding of how consumers are engaging with its gaming products and has driven personalised content for users likely to leave the service
• Attribution AI: Helps marketers quantify which touch points (email, advertising, social media) are most effective for a company using advanced algorithmic attribution. NVIDIA has used these insights to drive five times more paid registrations to event campaigns
• Journey AI (Beta): This is all about customer patience. The AI helps predict the best times, frequency and channels to engage with customers, including creating a fatigue score, helping companies know exactly when to reach out to customers ahead of shopping season. NVIDIA has used its insights to reduce email unsubscribes and has seen a 14% lift in email open rates
• Content & Commerce AI (Beta): AI and Machine Learning helps companies understand which content works well, specifically on colours, subjects, etc.
• Leads AI (Beta): Leads AI uses real-time behavioural signals to help brands better predict which customers are likely to turn into tangible opportunities

“There’s no denying that AI is already empowering brands to deliver more relevant experiences. But the truth is, they still haven’t reached full potential within most organisations,” said Steve Allison, Head of Product Marketing, Audience and Platform Technologies, EMEA. “Our new Intelligent Services will empower brands to dig even deeper into their data and generate statistical insights that will benefit the entire customer experience – and because they’re available in one centralised area on Adobe Experience Platform, teams can make changes to campaigns with more agility and speed than ever before.”

Adobe has been leveraging Intelligent Services internally as well and we have seen some great results. It powers our data-driven operating model (“DDOM”), a framework that drove our transformation from box software to the cloud. Over 1.5 billion propensity scores are produced daily, showing how likely customers are to take a particular action (e.g. unsubscribe) and generating target audiences that have been up to five times more valuable.

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