Adverty AB has signed an agreement with kidtech platform SuperAwesome, to allow compliant, kid-safe ads to be displayed in relevant mobile games using Adverty’s in-game ad technology.

Adverty enables kid-safe advertising on games with SuperAwesome

The completed platform integration allows for frictionless access between SuperAwesome’s connected advertisers and Adverty’s game publishers. The partnership is expected to generate significant revenues from 2021 onwards.

Adverty, the leading in-game platform for advertisers, agencies and content creators, announces a new partnership with the leading kidtech platform SuperAwesome, to enable safe digital engagement with the global kids audience.

SuperAwesome’s platform allows for kid-safe ads to be displayed in relevant mobile games using Adverty’s seamless in-game ad technology and the integration enables leading family brands to access Adverty’s global under-16 audience.

As an ad platform built for the global kids industry, SuperAwesome’s AwesomeAds ensures digital privacy according to COPPA and GDPR-K compliances and is used by over 300 of the top kids brands and content owners across the world.

Their ad platform enables brands to advertise to kids in a large global digital content marketplace, by reaching kids everywhere they engage. Using sophisticated contextual targeting, the brand ads reach their target audiences without collecting personal data.

“As our portfolio of kids related free-to-play games continues to grow, this partnership enables new opportunities for us to monetize our kids audience in appropriate ways. For brands looking to reach a younger audience safely, our new, seamless in-game ad technology offers one of the most exciting solutions to get their attention”, explains Niklas Bakos, CEO and founder, Adverty.

The collaboration is expected to generate significant revenues during 2021 and onwards.

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