2019 saw the conversation around Artificial Intelligence reach a fever pitch, and this year will be a key moment in the adoption and maturation of the technology. Three industry experts look at how AI will impact marketing in the the next few years.

AI trends: Industry experts predict future of smart tech

Richard Socher, Chief Scientist, Salesforce Einstein

“The field of AI will come to terms with its age and success. Questions around the ethics of AI are not new, but 2020 will be the year of reckoning as the industry builds out the best practices and regulations required for ensuring that AI works in the best interest of people.
“In 2020 we can expect more research breakthroughs in language modelling for summarization to transform how we interact with documents and information. Text Summarization stands to make a large impact on our information society.”

Robin Grochol, SVP, Product Management, Sales Cloud

“In 2020, AI tools are going to become as widespread and expected as getting a laptop on your first day of the job -- essential and critical tools that employees will need to do their jobs well. The sooner that companies adopt AI, the better their data and larger their competitive advantage will be.

“The companies that will succeed are the ones that will focusing on coaching employees at scale and keep it fresh with market trend changes. Voice intelligence and AI will be necessary to scale these efforts, especially in a function like sales where churn is high and career moves are fast, but coaching too often takes a backseat compared to meeting targets."

Uri Sarid, CTO MuleSoft

“In 2020, we’ll see organizations unlock their data using APIs, enabling them to uncover greater insights and deliver more business value. If AI is the ‘brain,’ APIs and integration are the ‘nervous system’ that help AI really create value in a complex, real-time context.”

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