AmazeRealise rebrands as Kin + Carta Connect to align with global growth plan

Feb 19, 2020 | Ad tech, Online advertising

Digital customer experience firm AmazeRealise is rebranding to Kin + Carta Connect as part of a global reorganisation designed to offer clients end-to-end digital services from digital transformation company Kin + Carta.

AmazeRealise, which has a heritage spanning more than two decades, is a leader in connected customer experience, MarTech platform engineering and customer engagement.

Its client portfolio includes Lexus, Lloyds Banking Group, English Football League, Expedia and Unilever. As Kin + Carta Connect, it will offer data-led digital marketing solutions.

The rebrand forms part of a wider rebrand that sees Solstice and TAB rebrand to Kin + Carta Create, as well as Kin + Carta’s Advisory pillar rebrand as Kin + Carta Advise. The move, reflecting client demand for ever more connected services, allows Kin + Carta to bring 1,600 specialists across four continents closer together, delivering end-to-end digital services via three integrated pillars:

  • Kin + Carta Advise provides digitally-native management consulting services
  • Kin + Carta Create builds new digital products, services and mission critical cloud native platforms
  • Kin + Carta Connect delivers data-driven connected customer experiences

Richard Neish will head up Kin + Carta Connect, as managing director. He says: “Kin + Carta is transforming because clients want to be able to access an integrated suite of digital and consultancy services that evolve with their changing needs. Our vital part of that bigger picture is to combine data, market-leading platforms and experience design to turn customer relationships into enduring brand growth.

“Brands are in search of digital experiences that scale seamlessly across mobile, web, wearable, and voice, powered by data assets that are often under-utilised. Businesses increasingly demand long-term value across their customer experience and we believe this is the model that will deliver it.”

Kin + Carta will continue to be headed up by CEO J Schwan, with Charlie Wrench as Chief Connective Officer and Chris Kutsor as Chief Financial Officer. Kelly Manthey will take on the role of CEO, Kin + Carta Americas; Tom Holt heads up Kin + Carta Advise, Europe, as CEO; and David Tuck and Stephen Wilson become joint managing directors of Kin + Carta Create, Europe.

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