Banking industry paid ad impressions slump by 68% amid pandemic

Jun 4, 2020 | Ad tech

Banking industry paid ad impressions slump by 68% amid pandemic
The banking industry paid ad impression declined by 68.57% in the first 22 weeks of 2020 compared to a similar period last year., according to new research.

Data obtained by indicates that the slump is a direct impact of the Coronavirus pandemic that has affected most sectors of the economy.

Reduced banking activity leads to a decline in paid ad impressions.

During the first 22 weeks of this year, the banking sector had a total of 5,726,617 in paid ad impressions with an average of 260,300. The highest-paid impressions were during week 13 at 425,217 while the lowest number was during week one at 103,576, a percentage difference of 121.65%. During the first three weeks of this year, the impression was rising steadily from 103,576 in the first week to 310,970 in the third week.

The 2020 total paid ad impressions when compared to last year’s figure of 18,223,164, shows a difference of at least three times. On average, 2019’s banking industry had 828,325 paid ad impressions with the highest figure being recorded during the 17th week at 1,533,403. For 2019, the lowest-paid ad impressions were during the first week at 229,746.

The outbreak of Coronavirus led to reduced activity in the banking halls as customers stayed at home to curb the spread. The reports notes that:

“Customers have lost jobs translating lost income while others are staring at defaulting loans and missing mortgage payments. This lack of inactivity might explain the drop in paid ad impression.”

The research also overviewed countries that had the highest-paid ad impressions between May 2nd to May 31st, 2020. Poland emerged top with 219,809 impressions followed by Spain at 215,627. Lithuania is third with 113,131 while in the fourth place there is Hungary at 96,914 ad impressions.

Other countries with notable banking ad impressions include France (60,380), Ukraine (37,742), Canada (35,172) Slovakia (28,471), Germany (25,090), and Moldovia (19,132). The paid ad impressions were recorded from May 2nd to May 31st, 2020.

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