Global digital ad trends: Facebook reaches 2.02bn people with ads worldwide
The number of people that can be reached on Facebook via ads is now 2.02 billion, compared to 970 million on Instagram, 398 million on Snapchat and 386 million on twitter, according to new research.

The findings, from Hootsuite and We Are Social form part of latest digital snapshot report looking at Q1 stats, which can be found here.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, 41% of people in the UK believe advertising should go on as normal, which is below the global average of 51%.

Other stats that may be of interest include:

• 46% of people are spending longer on messenger services while in lockdown than previously, and 16% plan to do so once Covid-19 passes. This shows a real opportunity for larger and more interactive brands to build relationships with customers one on one.

• 38% of people in the UK are spending more time on social media while in lockdown, this is below the global average of 47%

• Number of people worldwide that can be reached by ads on social media:

o Facebook = 2.02 billion
o Instagram = 970 million
o Snapchat = 398 million
o Twitter = 386 million

• In Q1 Facebook users in the UK clicked on an average of 21 ads a month, above the global average of 13, providing increased opportunities for marketers to engage with audiences on social media platforms

• 15% of people are spending more time creating and uploading video-based content to social media sites since being in lockdown.

Although this is understandable due to people being in lockdown and having more time available, will this have a long-term impact on content creation?

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