‘Hyper personalisation’: Datasine launches AI-powered customer engagement tool for brands

Feb 24, 2020 | Ad tech, AI

'Hyper personalisation': Datasine launches AI-powered customer engagement tool for brands
Marketing technology firm Datasine has launched a new product designed to improve consumer engagement through hyper personalisation.

The technology uncovers and analyses the creative data hidden in marketing campaigns to personalise content for different audiences, from whole groups to individuals, and augments the process of selecting the most successful creative content for campaigns.

The process, called ‘Content Atomisation’ uses artificial intelligence (AI) to comb through numerous past campaigns and analyse the creative elements present in each piece of content.

These features range from specific colours or objects in images, and particular words in text, to the emotions the messaging elicits.

The AI model then identifies the impact of each individual element using the engagement data of audiences of any segment. The AI uses these learnings to choose between several marketing assets to determine which will be the most engaging for this audience. It also provides teams with data-driven insights into what works well in their content, allowing for intelligent creative production without human bias.

While existing technologies focus on targeting, segmenting, automated CRM workflows, and deliverability, creative content is not seen yet as a valuable source of data. But, with the insights into Content Atomisation provided by the Datasine Connect platform, brands and agencies can dynamically select, augment and generate high-converting content, for different audiences across different channels.

“What we have developed, and what we do day to day, is the antidote to the pain marketers are feeling when it comes to the challenges with dynamic real-time personalisation across different channels” remarked Datasine CEO Igor Volzhanin. “We want marketers and creatives to be empowered by their creative data and realise its potential in helping them drive performance in addition to creativity.”

He added: “We want to remove guesswork from the process of selecting marketing assets and we want to usher in a new era of digital marketing that features only the strongest-performing creatives.”

“Using Datasine’s latest feature, Content Atomisation, our client, one of the world’s biggest telecom providers, was able to access unrivalled insights using the hidden data in their ad creatives. This allowed them to optimise Facebook Ads and led directly to an uplift in CTR of 21%.” Said Tania Feely, Managing Partner at Rapp whose clients worked with Datasine and their biggest partners

The development of Content Atomisation follows a 2017 study by Ipsos that found that creative quality determines 75% of ad impact and a Nielson survey that concluded that, contrary to the amount of investment in that area, audience targeting contributed just 9% to sales from an ad.

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