ITV launches ad data partnership with Infosum

Aug 26, 2020 | Ad tech, Content marketing, Online advertising, Online video, UK

ITV launches ad data partnership with Infosum
ITV has struck a partnership with identity infrastructure platform InfoSum, to make its 30 million ITV Hub subscribers available for targeted advertising, without the need to share any first-party data.

ITV is to partner with leading identity infrastructure provider InfoSum as part of a new first-party data strategy that will make its 30 million ITV Hub subscribers available for advertisers to match against and activate as target audiences via a secure and compliant solution without either party needing to exchange first party data sets.

InfoSum’s ‘privacy-by-design’ operating infrastructure will also allow brands to easily and accurately activate customised audiences across the ITV Hub, but without requiring any personal data to be shared.

Unlike other solutions which frequently rely on third-party IDs or the centralisation of data, the ITV and InfoSum proposition is based purely on ITV’s and advertisers’ first party data.

The partnership provides greater flexibility and agility as ITV and its partners are able to dynamically collaborate using data for planning and activation, without requiring data movement, thereby significantly reducing compliance requirements.

InfoSum’s appointment follows ITV’s recent RFI process assessing vendors for advertising activation of ITV data, as ITV prepares to launch their new addressable advertising platform, Planet V, later this year.

The platform will give advertisers and agencies control over the purchasing of their campaigns across the ITV Hub and allow them to optimise and monitor campaigns in real time. With an InfoSum integration, brands can build audiences that blend ITV’s first party data with their own data.

Kelly Williams, Managing Director, Commercial at ITV said “The application of data sets for customer segmentation, advanced media targeting and effectiveness analysis are critical processes for ITV as a broadcaster, for our unique Planet V programmatic offering and for developing deeper strategic relationships with our advertiser partners.

“InfoSum’s progressive privacy-first infrastructure, designed for the cookie-less future, complements Planet V’s principles of being a trusted platform for advertisers and partners, and designed for the future of TV advertising. We are delighted to be working with InfoSum to enhance our addressable advertising solutions.”

Nick Halstead, CEO and Founder at InfoSum, commented “We’re very excited to be working with ITV to power its first-party data strategy with our privacy-first identity infrastructure. Through this new solution, advertisers will be able to quickly and seamlessly match their customer data against ITV’s 30 million logged-in users, build custom audiences and activate across the ITV Hub universe – all without sharing any personal data.

“With its 30 million logged-in users, ITV is bringing a premium advertising platform to market that truly challenges the walled gardens. We’re thrilled to be working with them as part of our global CTV ecosystem and look forward to helping them establish and grow their first-party offering.”

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