Lotame launches cookie-free ad data tool for marketers

May 21, 2020 | Ad tech, Online advertising

Lotame launches cookie-free ad data tool for marketers
Lotame has launched Panorama, a suite of data enrichment solutions that use first-, second- and third-party data to create and analyze addressable audiences across the cookie-challenged web (Safari, Firefox, and Chrome), mobile app, and OTT environments.

The tool uses ID graph technology, buyers and sellers of digital media can now use data to create and analyze audience segments across all devices and browsers — including cookie-challenged environments.

“First-party data is a valuable asset, but unfortunately it doesn’t provide the scale marketers need,” said Jason Downie, Chief Revenue Officer at Lotame. “Bridging together customers’ online and offline lives has been a persistent industry dilemma that was made even more complicated with recent browser changes. To solve for this, we developed Panorama which enables a fuller view of activity that is actionable across a connected ecosystem, even in cookie-challenged or first-party-cookie-only environments.”

Panorama offers two solutions: one for marketers and agencies and another for publishers and media companies. Lotame has unveiled three new data enrichment services, powered by Cartographer, Lotame’s powerful ID graph technology:

“I’ve been saying for years that the advertisers with the best data have a huge advantage, and as we look to a future without cookies, that advantage could be the difference between leading a market and going out of business,” said Feliks Malts, VP of Decision Sciences at 3Q Digital. “We partner with Lotame to get high-quality attribute and behavior data to help our clients deliver effective, data-driven experiences to the right personas. Their panoramic view of the customer is a huge success driver for our clients.”

Partners at launch include Domo among others. “We’re excited to partner with Lotame to power Panorama Insights,” said Jeff Skousen, GM, North American Corp/Ent Sales, at Domo. “By dynamically integrating data and delivering live visualizations, Lotame is providing brands bespoke audience real-time insights in a digestible, actionable format to improve analysis, prospecting, segmentation, and data modeling.”

To drive Panorama Insights forward, Lotame has appointed Ruby Brenden as Head of Data Products. Ruby’s responsibilities include developing Panorama Insights for marketers, agencies, and publishers into the single source for data-driven storytelling and audience creation.

Prior to joining Lotame, Ruby led product development in the measurement, advertiser, and agency landscapes at companies like Havas Media Group, AppNexus, and Comscore. Ruby holds a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from London Metropolitan University and a Master in Science in Engineering and Technology Management from Portland State University.

“I have spent the last decade helping innovative marketing companies launch products,” said Brenden. “I am excited to launch Panorama, a solution that is exactly what the industry needs as third-party cookies start fading out. Insights will give marketers and agencies a single, trusted place to uncover relevant data stories and build smarter, addressable audiences, which means better advertising for consumers.”

To learn more about Lotame Panorama, visit lotamepanorama.com

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