Mediaocean launches omnichannel advertising platform

Apr 5, 2021 | Ad tech

Mediaocean launches omnichannel advertising platform
Mediaocean has announced a new product model, the Omnichannel Advertising Platform, along side a major re-brand.

Following the Q1 2021 integration of the Scope closed ecosystem platform acquired via 4C with Mediaocean’s Prisma media management product, the company will accelerate the consolidation of all its solutions into three core areas to optimize media performance: Media Intelligence, Media Management, and Media Finance. This unification is a fundamental step in achieving the company’s vision of a world where marketers market the way consumers consume – seamlessly across channels.

Over the course of the next several quarters, Mediaocean will deploy a new unified performance insights solution to deliver in-platform intelligence. The company will also release a unified ads manager for campaign activation and optimization across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Amazon Advertising, and connected TV. Additionally, Mediaocean will expand its cloud-based financial management and bill-pay capabilities to the U.S. following the already-completed launch in Asia-Pacific.

“Media consumption has become omnichannel, and advertising must follow. Modern marketers need a single place where they can manage and optimize their investments across every touchpoint with their customers,” said Bill Wise, CEO of Mediaocean. “This is a moment where every stakeholder that relies on Mediaocean deserves clarity and direction about how our essential technology will meet the moment. We look forward to continuing to share our roadmap and progress as part of this transformation.”

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