Mobvista revamps mobile ad company under Nativex

Mar 17, 2020 | Ad tech, China, Mobile

Mobvista revamps mobile ad company under Nativex
Mobile ad tech firm Mobvista is upgrading to a group brand and restructuring its core businesses under the Nativex sub-brand.

The Nativex and Mintegral sub-brands will lead the mobile advertising business, and GameAnalytics will focus on its game analysis efforts.

Mobvista’s restructuring allows it to unify its services and better serve the global mobile market.

Following Mobvista’s brand upgrade, all of its previous client-facing business will be managed under the Nativex sub-brand.

Additionally, the company’s sub-brand Nativex introduced the Nativex Trading Desk, which is a cloud-based trading desk connected to various media platforms via marketing APIs as well as open RTB technologies.

“By upgrading our brand and providing our strategically unified mobile advertising, game data analysis and technical services, we’re ensuring clients have the ability to manage every point of their marketing campaign across the globe,” said Clement Cao, Co-Founder & President of Mobvista. “We’re looking forward to helping our customers reach new levels of success and unlock consistent global reach as they integrate our new capabilities with our existing growth marketing tools.”

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