Taboola lets video advertisers pay only for completed views

Apr 1, 2020 | Ad tech, Content marketing, Online advertising, Online video, Viral and buyrals

Content marketing firm Taboola has teamed up with software company in the world, Moat by Oracle Data Cloud to give video advertisers the ability to pay only for those impressions that meet their desired outcome, such as 100% viewability.

With programmatic video spend forecast to reach £3.89 billion by 2021, this partnership will allow video advertisers to spend with confidence, knowing their investments will prove worthwhile. Also, with this collaboration, ads on Taboola’s network that fail to meet a brand’s viewability or completion rate will run at no cost.

As part of the collaboration, Taboola video advertisers have the ability to only pay for impressions that meet their desired outcome. This means that when buying on a vCPM model, advertisers will only pay for viewed impressions, and when buying on a CPCV model, advertisers will only pay when their ad has reached their desired completion point, both as verified by Moat.

According to eMarketer, video accounted for almost half of programmatic spend in 2019 and is forecast to total nearly $35 billion in 2020, in the U.S. alone. With independent third-party measurement provided by Moat, Taboola advertisers can spend with confidence, knowing that their investments will prove worthwhile. With this collaboration, ads on Taboola’s network that fail to meet a brands’ viewability or completion threshold will run at no cost as well.

”The foundation of every ad campaign rests on one simple factor: whether your audience has seen the ad,” said Mark Kopera, Head of Product for Moat, Oracle Data Cloud. “Moat is the industry’s trusted verification source for viewability and other attention metrics, and we are delighted to work with Taboola to help advertisers protect their ad spends by ensuring all of their ads are seen by real customers and have the intended impact.”

“Through this collaboration, we’re giving peace of mind to advertisers and making it simple to prove ROI, backed by our trusted verification provider Moat,” said Adam Singolda, CEO and Founder, Taboola. “As brands are looking to diversify outside of the walled gardens, the opportunity to bring video formats into the open web, measured where you only pay for success, is a huge opportunity, tapping into the $20B video market that can and will help drive growth to journalism. Today’s news adds to our growing suite of integrations that let brands trust in our ability to engage customers across our network of 1.4 billion people each month.”

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