and Nielsen team up for in-game ad measurement on consoles and PCs

Apr 24, 2020 | Marketing through gaming, Online advertising

Does in-game advertising work? New research shows big uplift in purchase intent
Global in-game advertising platform has struck a new collaboration with Nielsen Connectivity which will bring advanced advertising effectiveness measurement, optimization, and real-time brand-specific metrics to in-game ad campaigns on consoles and PCs.

Anzu delivers the an in-game advertising solution that offers a suite of ad verification and ad fraud detection tools covering mobile, PC, and game console devices.

Nielsen Connectivity, formerly known as Nielsen Telecom, measures brand awareness, resonance, and ad recall measurement within console and mobile video games.

Through collaboration with Nielsen Connectivity, Anzu will enable media sellers to measure the performance of advertising campaigns running on their digital properties, thereby increasing value for brands and agencies.

In addition, advertisers within the Anzu network may now benefit from the powerful combination of brand lift measurement and ad verification. The new integrated solution will push the entire ecosystem forward by enabling more effective in-game advertising, leading to increased advertiser confidence and incremental in-game ad investment.

“With their years of experience helping brands succeed, Nielsen is a perfect partner for Anzu,” said Itamar Benedy, co-founder and CEO of Anzu. “With gaming on the rise due to the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent social distancing rules, it’s the perfect time for brands to go in-game with measurable, optimizable campaigns that reach their audiences directly. I am thrilled that we can now offer advertisers this possibility in partnership with Nielsen Connectivity.”

“In-game advertising has a real opportunity to be the next big thing for marketers seeking to connect with hard-to-reach consumers on digital platforms,” said Matt Pagen, GM of Nielsen Connectivity. “For game publishers, advertisers and agencies to realize the promise of the vehicle, proof that in-game ads are not just seen by consumers but remembered and acted upon is critical. Through our collaboration with Anzu we look forward to providing the industry the data that gives them absolute confidence in the effectiveness of in-game and push all players forward.”

Previously, Anzu and cybersecurity solution launched a large-scale campaign with a global consumer brand utilizing their first-ever ad verification solution for in-game advertising. The campaign saw a 23% higher viewability of ads compared to traditional digital advertising. The platform also recently announced a partnership with MRC-accredited fraud-prevention solution Forensiq, which represents the first-ever fraud detection collaboration for in-game advertising.

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