Aperol launches cocktail guide for National Prosecco Day

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Aperol launches cocktail guide for National Prosecco Day
Drinks brand Aperol has created the Aperol Spritz-O-Meter to help Brits create perfectly crafted, and refreshing Aperol Spritz this National Prosecco Day.

Online searches for the classic Italian Aperol Spritz have shot through the roof, by 83% since March as Brits seek to recreate the cocktail at home, yet only a quarter (26%) of Aperol drinkers know the simple recipe needed to pour the perfect Aperol Spritz, with many making it up as they go.
The new colour chart has been created to help drinkers colour-match their creations to the well-known orange hue of the Perfect Aperol Spritz.

The Aperol Spritz-O-Meter was developed with the help of Aperol’s resident Aperitivo Expert, Paolo Tonellotto, who has created his fair share of Aperol Spritz over his 16 years’ experience working in bars and restaurants across both Italy and the UK.

From The Bad Italian Job to Holiday Tan Lines and Spritz Tease, it includes a selection of incorrectly made Spritz with varying levels of Aperol to Prosecco. These all lead up to the eye-catching vibrant orange achieved by pouring the perfect Aperol Spritz – equal measures of Prosecco and Aperol served over plenty of ice in a large wine glass, with a dash of soda, a quick stir and garnished with a slice of fresh orange.

The secret to the Aperol Spritz is achieving a precise balance between the bittersweet profile of Aperol and the fresh, citrus taste of Prosecco. Being over-eager with the Prosecco and your Aperol Spritz becomes too sweet, while too much Aperol can also offset the balance.

Bartender and brand ambassador, Paolo Tonellotto says, “Despite more people drinking Aperol at home this summer, it became clear from our research that not everyone knows how to create the perfect Aperol Spritz, so we created the Aperol Spritz-O-Meter to give them a helping hand. Aperol Spritz is the easiest drink to make well, and the easiest to make badly. When served right, it’s the perfect cocktail to enjoy with friends.

Aperol Spritz is renowned for its eye-catching vibrant orange colour, so we have used this as a reference point for people to follow. To enjoy the ultimate Italian Aperitivo every time, you should follow our equal parts recipe of Prosecco and then Aperol, served over plenty of ice with a dash of soda, a quick stir, and garnished with a fresh orange slice.”

To celebrate National Prosecco Day, Aperol is giving away 100 sets of Aperol Spritz-O-Meter framed prints and tote bags. Fans can share a picture of their perfect Aperol Spritz, tagging @AperolSpritzUK and using #PerfectAperolSpritz between 13th- 17th August 2020 to enter for a chance to win.

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