Budweiser revamps iconic ‘Whassup’ ad for lockdown

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Budweiser revamps iconic ‘Whassup’ ad for lockdown
Budweiser has reworked a classic commercial spot from 21 years ago, using digital technology to bring the ‘Whassup’ ad into the age of the quarantine, along with a new series of ads featuring current stars.

The new version of the 1999 ad features footage from the original spot (apart from one scene shot on the street) with new lines making reference to being in quarantine.

The original Whassup? ad was based on a short film by Charles Stone III, who also directed the ad, and was hugely successful internationally.

The 1999 ad has inspired countless versions across popular culture over the years.

The new version of the ad ends with a hashtag #TogetherAtADistance and the endline ‘Buds support buds. Check on yours.’

The new version has been created by Budweiser UK. It was made in response to YouGov information that one in five Brits are living alone during lockdown and the authentic friendships that lie at the heart of the ad make it the perfect vehicle for prompting people to keep in touch.

A new series of ads are also being pushed. An upcoming “Checking In” ad also promotes the importance of doing just that with the ones you care about, in this video-connected, but physically disconnected COVID-19 crisis

The ad shows former NBA superstar Dwyane Wade video calling his former Miami Heat teammate Chris Bosh, to say what’s up, and they’re soon joined by WNBA MVP-turned Los Angeles Sparks star Candace Parker, and DJ D-Nice, whose Club Quarantine dance parties have gone viral.

Wade’s wife, actress Gabrielle Union swings into frame at one point, and they all exchange “WASSUP!”

Then things get more serious, when Wade says, “Fo real doe, what’s up with everybody?” Gabrielle adds, “You guys staying safe?”

Bosh responds, “Hey, thank’s for asking. The family’s doing great. It’s really nice seeing you guys.”

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