Highest paid YouTube influencers: The 7 year old earning over $70,000 per day

Mar 2, 2020 | Content marketing, CPG, Online advertising, Online video, Social media, Viral and buyrals

As YouTube influencers get more popular, new research reveals the highest paid social media stars on the platform.

New research reveals that 1 in 5 children now want a career as a social media influencer when they grow up – it’s one of the most lucrative jobs for an individual and can allow them to earn millions per year if they put the time and effort in, so there’s no surprise.

But just how much are the highest YouTubers earning?

Post Beyond has crunched the numbers and clearly visualised just how much the highest paid influencers are earning.

Here are the top 5 highest paid influencers:

  1. Ryan Toys Review – $26,000,000 a year – $2,968 an hour
  2. Dude Perfect – $20,000,000 – £2,283 an hour
  3. Anastasia Radzinskaya – £18,000,000 – £2,055 an hour
  4. Rhett and Link – £17,500,000 – £1,998 an hour
  5. Jeffree Star – £17,000,000 – £1,941 an hour

View in the infographic below:

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