Lufthansa and IBM team up for AI-powered ad campaign

Oct 24, 2018 | Online advertising

IBM and Lufthansa have teamed up for an interactive ad experience that will provide consumers with travel information and local facts for 15 cities across Europe.

As part of Lufthansa’s ongoing global #SayYesToTheWorld brand campaign, it has become the first airline to launch a Watson Ads campaign, joining other brands such as Lego, Behr Paint, State Farm, Best Western, and TruGreen

Lufthansa’s AI-powered ad helps consumers plan their next international adventure in Europe, showcasing a specific location and helping a consumer explore the city by providing local travel facts, and tailored image galleries or videos.

The campaign, which will run from 10/1 – 11/25, will help Lufthansa to discover new insights about consumers and their travel planning needs, which can inform future marketing efforts.
The AI-powered ad is available to US consumers on, The Weather Channel app, and across Lufthansa’s digital advertising ecosystem.

Featured cities include: Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Copenhagen, Florence, Frankfurt, Krakow, Milan, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Rome, and Stockholm.

The campaign focuses on exploring a world of new possibilities and saying yes to the unknown. The interactive ads, powered by IBM Watson, provides consumers with the opportunity to interact with Lufthansa for general airline questions and for travel content across 15 European destinations.

A destination explorer showcases each location and helps the user explore different cities through local travel facts and tips, as well as tailored image galleries and videos, and offers the option for flight reservations.

“Lufthansa continues to drive value to the consumer through the use of new and innovative technologies such as AI, both on our aircraft and off,” said Benita Struve, Director/Head of Marketing Communications & Campaigns for Lufthansa. “This marketing campaign not only inspires exciting travel, it also utilizes the most innovative methods to provide a personalized experience.”

“We are excited to team up with Lufthansa to help consumers discover their next international adventure through an engaging conversation powered by Watson,” said Carrie Seifer, VP and Chief Revenue Officer, IBM Watson Advertising. “With the help of AI, Lufthansa is able to invite consumers into an enjoyable exchange within an interactive ad unit to learn about a range of topics from key destinations to in-flight experiences.”

Some additional information about the Watson Ads campaign:

  • Cities featured include: Athens, Greece; Barcelona, Spain; Berlin, Germany; Budapest, Hungary; Copenhagen, Denmark; Florence, Italy; Frankfurt, Germany; Krakow, Poland; Milan, Italy; Munich, Germany; Oslo, Norway; Paris, France; Prague, Czech Republic; Rome, Italy; and Stockholm, Sweden.
  • The AI-powered ad is available on, The Weather Channel app, and across Lufthansa’s digital advertising ecosystem.
  • The Watson Ad is trained with a body of knowledge provided by Lufthansa to enable a natural language dialogue that invites potential travelers to explore international locales and familiarize themselves with Lufthansa’s services. As users interact, the AI-powered ad experience gathers information that can help provide insights to help guide future business and marketing strategies.

In addition to the Watson Ads campaign, the #SayYesToTheWorld campaign includes Digital, Out of Home, Mobile, Print, Social and Cinema ads. The campaign reflects Lufthansa’s mission to inspire people to see and explore the world and open their minds to new experiences.

Launched in June 2016, Watson Ads are an industry-first AI-powered interactive ad unit that delivers hyper-personalization at-scale along with actionable insights. These interactive AI-powered ads enable brands to have meaningful one-to-one conversations at scale with consumers wherever they may be in their path to purchase. Watson Ads have launched in multiple industries including automotive, consumer healthcare, consumer packaged goods, entertainment, hospitality and retail.

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