MediaCom and BLINK launch ‘Innovation Slam’ event

May 27, 2021 | Online advertising

With the pandemic severely challenging brands to adapt, create and implement new and innovative marketing campaigns at short notice, MediaCom and BLINK have launched the Innovation Slam, a new annual event designed to help clients understand what innovation looks like to them.

The event will pair MediaCom clients with a selection of media owner partners to create new, innovative media partnerships.

With brands facing considerable disruption to their business models in the wake of the pandemic – with routes to market, target audiences and even product designs having to change last minute – the Innovation Slam will challenge brands to identify the new areas of business where innovation and technology can put them at the forefront of disruption.

Joined by over twenty of MediaCom’s partners for 2021, the Innovation Slam will be made up of a series of workshops across two weeks and will ask brands: what does innovation mean to their business; what’s the most innovative thing they’re doing right now, and what innovative idea do they wish they could sell, but can’t?

The sessions will involve media partners and MediaCom planning teams, as well as consultants from Blink and MediaCom, with the goal being to match the best innovative ideas from brands to relevant media owners and partners.

Lindsey Jordan, Head of Media Creativity at MediaCom, said: “The Innovation Slam is an opportunity for brands to pause and reflect following the pandemic, thinking about the opportunities and challenges that they now face. We want brands to better understand how innovation through technology, products and platforms can help them prepare for the future. For many brands ‘innovation’ has just become a buzzword, and we’re keen to use the event as a springboard to creating advertising campaigns that are then paired with invested media owners and partners.”

Richard Britton, Head of Digital Consultancy at BLINK, commented: “Following the workshops, we’re inviting our partners and clients to pitch to us much like in Dragon’s Den. This will help us understand the innovative projects and campaigns they are looking to create and identify the right media owners to partner our clients with. We want to ensure that innovation is at the heart of our client’s campaigns, and that we’re constantly providing the best experiences across physical and digital platforms.”

MediaCom and BLINK’s Innovation Slam will run across May and June.

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