Online advertising whitepaper: demystifying premium video

Sep 10, 2018 | Online advertising

Is spending more on a premium video ad worth it? A new whitepaper looks at what sets premium video apart from other media, and highlights why it is more accessible than the market might currently perceive.

The FreeWheel Council for Premium Video Europe (FWCE) has released its Demystifying Premium position paper, which aims to propose a much-needed definition of premium video inventory.

Supported by industry research and thought leaders’ perspectives, the FWCE paper outlines why brands should consider the true value of premium environments, rather than opting for low-cost, low-quality digital advertising. Demystifying Premium notes that several recent industry trends have increased demand for premium inventory: the desire for brand safety, transparency, engagement, trust and the ability to improve the quality of reach.

With far more emphasis on the return on investment (ROI) than ever before, it is critical that advertisers ensure that their ad investment is delivering value and results as intended. They need to thoroughly question and explore suppliers’ advertising environments when described as “premium”.

“As the video ecosystem grows at a rapid rate, knowledge is key; helping advertisers and their agencies understand and adopt the most beneficial approaches for their campaigns, both now and in the long term, is essential,” commented Chris Le May, CEO at European Broadcaster Exchange (EBX).

“Thanks to its long-term genuine outcomes, quality reach and engagement, higher levels of safety and transparency, there’s no denying that premium video is the most compelling environment to drive positive results and achieve business targets.”

Key takeaways from the paper include:

  • Many claim ‘premium’ but few offer premium advertising opportunities. Premium entails a specific set of attributes that drive business outcomes.
  • Five key attributes of Premium which brands should never compromise on are:
    • Brand Safety
    • Transparency
    • Engagement
    • Trust
    • Quality Reach
  • Premium video advertising has evolved to enable new transaction models and access to high quality, engaged audiences at scale through addressable offerings.
  • Premium video deliver the largest short- and long-form multiplier of ROI for brands.
  • Brands should question the ubiquity of the term ‘premium’ and make no compromises when it comes to investing in premium inventory.

“The FreeWheel Council for Premium Video Europe’s latest paper is an important guide in helping advertisers to question and secure a safe and trustworthy ad environment. While some advertisers consider premium video to be costly, findings reaffirm that they should not be dragged into short-termism. Advertisers must look to premium inventory in order to guarantee the most effective user experience and the best returns from their campaigns,” said Emmanuel Josserand, Brand, Agency and Industry Relations at FreeWheel.

Watch a series of interviews with Phil Smith (ISBA), Anna Forbes (The Trade Desk), Etienne Bodel (Denstu Aegis Network) and Philippe Boscher (TF1 Publicité) about their views on Premium Video here.

Demystifiying Premium – full series from FreeWheel, A Comcast Company on Vimeo.

The full paper can be downloaded here

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